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Disruptive Innovation

Understanding consumer brains in context


CognitV offers freelance research consultancy in experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience and consumer research methods.

Research excellence recognised by Chartered Psychologist status with the British Psychological Society based on 25 years applying skills in industrial, academic and real-world settings. 


Probing 'what consumers can't tell us' using experimental psychology and neuroscience techniques.

Synthesising consumer data from mixed methods with design thinking to innovate products and services.

Seeing added value in emergent technologies (digital, VR) for consumer engagement, data capture, marketing.


Close alignment with leading academic institutions keeping abreast of latest scientific developments (cognitive neuroscience, AI, VR).

industry track record understanding business needs and research agency practices.

Applying insights to real world consumer problems.



CognitV is directed by David Gallagher, a Cognitive Scientist and Chartered Psychologist with over 20 years practical experience applying Psychological and Neuroscience Research Methods to industry relevant questions with business interests at heart.  This has resulted in patented research output, working on product solutions in the FMCG sector that have had significant impact in the global marketplace.

CognitV combines experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience techniques with an in-depth understanding of the need to tailor for context-specific and industry requirements, based on a long track record of developing bespoke scenarios in which to capture relevant data.  This might involve mixing methods (quantitative and qualitative), or devising new approaches that probe appropriate consumer responses.

CognitV is constantly striving to enhance the knowledge base, working within the academic arena to embrace the latest techniques and thinking.  To this end CognitV is exploring exciting areas that combine developmental technologies such as Virtual Reality in combination with EEG (both 'research grade' and consumer wearable equipment).  This aims to be at the very forefront of research capability to truly understand what makes consumers 'tick', how to best engage them with new experiences and product solutions, and more ambitiously, to help devise situations that unlock 'optimal performance' and enhanced quality of life. Based on robust scientific methods.

CognitV can contribute to your organisation by offering a wealth of existing knowledge and insights about consumer behaviour and brain function, including attention-capture and engagement, and emotional responses based on environmental context.  This can be achieved through consultancy and freelance services that address your business questions using bespoke methods.


Ways CognitV can work with you:


  • Devising experimental scenarios and selecting the most appropriate methods to capture consumer data

  • Delivering talks that seek to inspire new perspectives on what is possible combining scientific insights with novel thinking

  • Assistance in preparation of funding bids and grants, as well as opening up network partnerships, academic and industrial. 


  • Providing scouting reports that overview the scientific state of the knowledge, proposing new opportunities to exploit this thinking for potential business growth.


17, Hallfield Drive, Elton, Chester CH2 4PD  Tel: 0777 270 6807

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